Summer gets you closer to places like the beach or the pool, so you will have the perfect opportunity to do this aquatic exercises as you are cooling off, without needing to be anchored in the gym.

Aquatic exercises burn a lot of calories, they offer a more resistance with less impact. This makes them suitable for people of all ages.

Try these 6 aquatic exercises to burn calories next time you are in a pool. Make the exercises fast, hold for 2-4 minutes, and tighten your abs and legs’ muscles.

  • Jogging: With water at waist-level go 15 steps back and forth. Jog with losing your balance nor your posture.
  • Lateral leg lifting: in the same spot, rise your knees to your chest one by one as fast as you can for 2 minutes. Perfect to tone!
  • Rear kicks: place yourself in the edge of the pool and push your legs back the most you can. Switch legs and increase speed.
  • Star jumps: a classic exercise, outside and inside water. Jump opening and closing your legs as you move your arms up and down. Water resistance makes it a perfect exercise to burn calories.
  • Swimming: swimming is a cardiovascular, resistance, and tone exercise. What to do? Swim swim…
  • Water balance: Stand on one leg and bend the other moving it back and forth. Water resistance is a good factor to tone your muscles.