You don’t need a complicated routine with machines and dumbbells to keep your body healthy and in movement. Keep active without going to the gym with these activities.

If you are of those who preffer not to set a foot on the gym, there are tons of different ways of keeping active without needing to “have money and time” to exercise. Be a fit and healthy person without going to the gym:

  1. Take advantage of your routine to make exercise

Tending the bed, brushing your teeth, preparing breakfast… This are perfect opportunities to do exercises like squats. Make small series of 15 repetitions that will keep your body toned.

  1. Walk around

Park a little far from the entrance, use the car less, walk more, go up stairs, forget about the elevator. This will improve your circulation and will help you burn calories.

  1. Exercise with online motivation

If you lack “training” there are million of videos with ideas and explanations of how to do it at home. You can search for it depending on what you want to achieve.

  1. Don’t spend too much time sit

Don’t spend more than 45 minutes (continuous) sit in the same position. Standing and walking help you burn even a 30% more calories. Walk while talking on the phone, drink water standing. Your body and your posture will thank you.

  1. Go shopping

Even though you don’t believe it, going shopping (even to the supermarket to buy anything) is an excellent way to stay active. The idea is not that you spend all your money, but making you walk. And if you are carrying bags, take advantage and start lifting them!

To keep yourself healthy all you need to do is to adopt a more active lifestyle. Sedentarism never brings anything good to you. Hear this advice and live an active, healthy and happy life!