Have you ever heard that underwater exercise burn more calories than regular exercise on land? This question always remains an uncertainty curiosity doubt in your head, and today I want to confirm you this myth.

Yes! Underwater exercise does burn more fat than outside it, this is because when you are in the water your muscles work harder by the resistance of water to movements. It’s so simple!

Underwater exercise not only helps you lose weight fast but, in turn, has many health benefits, including:

  • During underwater exercise, movements are cushioned by it and we don’t feel tired.
  • Helps fight cellulite, water movement generates a kind of massage on your skin that promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Doing underwater exercise originates pleasure and relieves the muscles, resulting in a physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Underwater exercise uses your own fat to perform the exercises, separating it to take the “heat” of your body.
  • Being underwater you don’t feel the weight of your body, so it can be an exercise done by all regardless of weight or age.
  • Burn twice the calories in one sitting underwater than on land.
  • Underwater exercise helps fight stress, as the movement of water massages your body so relaxing.

There are many types of underwater exercise, the main one would be swimming, one of the most complete of all exercises. Also, there is something called AquaGym, a new practice quite adequate to lose weight, if you practice twice a week your body will improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, global motor coordination, rhythm and agility, correct posture, contributes relaxation, develop physical fitness, etc.

Clearly, aquatic exercise is an excellent form of exercise to be healthy physically and mentally, so let’s swim!