Have you heard about Aquabase? This new and trendiest exercise is a fun way to exercise and has been mentioned as a novelty. As its name implies, Aquabase is an exercise that is done on a base in water and is proposed as the most innovative of the 2016 exercise.

This new dynamic is a unique, effective and challenging way to exercise. It offers low-impact workouts on a table in the water, whose constant practice increases flexibility, improves posture, balance and inner peace rises of those who practice it. And you will be toning your body while practicing effectively Aquabase, the trendiest exercise!

Who can practice it?

Anyone, regardless of gender, age or physical level. This exercise is beneficial for all ages. It’s incredibly fun and easy!

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How can you practice it?

You can do it in a private pool, buying your own kickboard. These tables are inflated and can use following an audiovisual instruction if you have the space to do the activity.

You can also practice it in schools offering specialized instructors Aquabase mode in this type of training. It can be done in indoor pools or outdoors. The environment can be calm or moved, and exercise is all a dynamic challenge.

This activity combines yoga with a kind of bootcamp and/or crossfit. Have you heard any of these exercises? Burpees, squats, planks, lunges … and all about the water! This cross-training is completely effective and fun to practice.

Aquabase benefits

  • Increases the flexibility of your body
  • It helps improve balance and stability
  • It’s an invigorating exercise that will help you gain strength. You work all your muscles equally.
  • Strengthens muscle weakness effectively and the results are quickly visible
  • You can make individual or group training
  • It’s an effective and challenging activity.

Here’s this funny video to see Aquabase firsthand! Do you dare to try it?