Summer means many things … but the most important and remarkable is the heat that gets to do during this season.

High temperatures are crippling many times, and there is nothing that causes more than excitment things. Who are the kings of summer? THE ICE CREAMS

You can make ice cream at home with simple and delicious recipes. If you do you can replace creamy milk and dairy products by vegetarian options such as soy milk, oat milk, rice milk, almond or any type of vegetable milk.

You can also use cream, cream, condensed milk or milk powder plant.

This summer try some delicious vegan ice cream

Do you want to make some refreshing vegan ice cream? The easiest way to make ice cream, shape or palette Scratch juice. ¡It is very simple, natural and light! Simply prepare your favorite juice, put the mixture in an ice chest paddle-shaped, place sticks and freeze for more than 3 hours. And ready!

You can also make ice creams with very simple steps and making freezing fruit puree, or blending it until creamy. Here I leave you a few recipes you might like:

What is your favourite ice cream?