We comment three types of classic yoga and three new types of yoga that combine the postures of yoga with acrobatics,  gymnastics and the ballet  or with the practice of exercises in a very hot room.

In most of the yoga schools, is possible to take the first class for free. Therefore, there is no barrier to try the different types of yoga and decide by yourself which is the one you like to practice.

Different types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga

The creator of hatha yoga was the teacher Shiva Mahadeva o Mahdeva Nath. Nowadays the hatha yoga method has various styles. Iyengar, for example, cultivated its own method of hatha yoga. The Hatha yoga is the method of yoga most widespread in the entire world.

Hatha yoga is known for its corporal postures (ásanas). The ásanas practiced in classes generates physical and mental serenity and prepare the body for meditation. Some of the well-known positions are “loto position” (padmāsana) or the “Greeting to the Sun” (suriá namaskar). In the classes of Hatha Yoga are taught different body postures; the student will incorporate them with the time. For that is necessary the teachers help and the regular practice that makes the body more flexible.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga arrived to the west with the teacher of India, Yogi Bhajan. Generates vitality and tranquility and directs the person towards personal growth. Work as much the physic, mental and spiritual. Can be practice by everyone; does not require any special physical condition or any special knowledge.

In the classes the warming exercises are mixed, a series of body postures of yoga in a pre-established order, the control of breathing (pranayama), the singing of mantras and relaxation. ¡if you like to sing this is your type of yoga!

Iyengar Yoga

The Ivengar Yoga is the method that practices those who follow the teacher Iyengar education following the tradition of the yoga sutras of Patañjali.

The essential characteristic of Yoga Iyengar is the intensity of his teaching in the stadiums of practice of positions (asana) and breathing (pranayama). This type of yoga is also known for the use of ribbons and blocks to help the person to be placed correctly in position. Iyengar has taken to perfection the technique to its maximum level of refinement and development. Practicing meditation is allowed after many years of assiduous practice.

Bikram Yoga

The Bikran Yoga also known as “Hot Yoga” and became popular en the ´70 in the United States. They practiced a series of 26 postures corresponding to Hatha Yoga, that include two exercises of breathing, that needs to be done in 90 minutes and of temperature 40 °! Is appropriate for all ages and levels.

The heat allows the muscles to relax and prevents the muscle injuries. Besides, it also helps the body begins to perspire achieving itself to perform a detoxification phase.

Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is a relatively new type of yoga. It becomes a mix between yoga poses and acrobatics that you are used to see in a circus. It can be practice in pairs, trios and group. The classes are open to all levels.

The postures are relatively easy to do and fun. The person that does the base, on the floor, needs strength, security, and solidity. The person that is up needs flexibility and some experience practicing yoga. Source:  sloyu.com