I feel stressed out just by thinking about moths, seeing one fluttering means you should start checking every corner of every room, because they have an ability to reproduce too quickly and of course they like to lair in places least open, vented or used and of course, they love clothes!

These insects are nocturnal and some consume natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk, so can end your treasured items.

Mothballs used to be the best remedy for scaring them away, but its ingredients produce odor and insecticides are a latent danger for children and pets, therefore they are discarded from the list. By now you must be wondering why moths arrive? There are some factors that can attract them the main one is shelter: love cracks and dark places to live, feed on nectar from flowers so watch the plants you have in the house, They can also get hidden in an object that you bring home and sometimes happens in specific seasons.

If you’re suffering from this bad or want to prevent it, be sure to follow these recipes that are fairly simple, inexpensive and durable (6 months).

Take a tissue and place in the center one or more of these ingredients: bay leaves, coffee beans, shells lemon, cloves, cinnamon, dry leaves or essence of rosemary and lavender; turn it into a bag tying a string to close and hang it on the clothes tube and drawers.

With that you will have a home free from moths, a pleasant smell and tranquility.