I’m sure you usually use wheat flour for most of your dishes when cooking. Wheat, in American industry has proved itself as a vital product, and often abused to lower costs of production and sale.

That’s why today I want to dedicate space to the types of flours that probably did not know.

Did you know that you can make flours out of many cereals and even vegetables? Flour plays an important role in our diet and is incredibly versatile for cooked dishes.

Types of flour

Cereal flours: The most know ones

  • Wheat Flour: The most common with which we usually make bread, cakes, etc.
  • Corn flour: par excellence a South American meal, especially from Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. You can make tortillas, arepas, bread and more.
  • Oatmeal flour: It is great to replace wheat flour for its mild flavor. You can do many things, including delicious oatmeal pancakes.
  • Rice flour: Popular in Asia, is special to make noodles and rice snacks. It is excellent to be a thickener in sauces.
  • Barley flour: It is low in gluten and very good for bread.

Vegetable flour: They come from vegetables, fruits, tubers and plants. They are delicious!

  • Chickpea flour: Incredibly nutritious and perfect for people with vegetarian diets
  • Pea flour: Provides many proteins and amino acids
  • Chestnut flour: It has a unique flavor especially when used in breads and cakes.
  • Cassava (yuca) flour: It is used to make bread, is quite versatile. Breaded also serves to gluten.
  • Potato flour: Contains gluten and is a natural thickener for its high starch content.

Do you know all these types of flour? If you use some of these, leave a comment below to let us know how you use them.