Arepas are the best breakfast in the world… And it’s not just a personal opinion, but the advice of Thrillist, recognized website that makes travel recommendations and culinary places worldwide. The Arepa is a delicious dish! And in Venezuela they are part of the food of the citizens of almost on a daily basis. Not just at breakfast, the versatility of the arepa has been shown at all hours and the amount of fillers with which can be combined.

For those who don’t know it, the arepa is a corn flatbread always presented in a circular fashion. The same can be cooked roasted or grilled, and accompanied by different ingredients depending on consumer tastes.

Today I want to bring a rich way, but healthy, to enjoy it with these 3 stuffed arepa with less than 300 calories. The Arepa alone has proven to be an excellent carbohydrate and many nutritionists say that a median arepa is even better than the bread.It is also perfect for people with celiac disease !. Enjoy these ideas:

3 stuffed arepa with less than 300 calories

  • Scrambled eggs stuffed arepa

A scrambled egg has only 102 calories. If you prepare one arepita with two eggs (preferably with one yolk) you would be adding a filling of 204 calories.

  • Arepa with white cheese

50 grams of white cheese are about 250 calories. The cheese tends to have a little fat, so if you prefer lower fat intake can try more light cheese such as ricotta.

  • Arepa with avocado and chicken

This is called a “Reina Pepiada” in Venezuela. While we will make this a light version. 50 grams of chicken (organic cage free) can have 189 calories. If you add a piece of avocado you would be adding about 22 calories. That gives a total of 213 calories.

To prepare the queen pepiada you should only prepare the boiled chicken and mix it with mashed avocado. To enjoy!

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What is your favorite stuffed arepa?

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