This pink Tuesday completely dedicated to Christmas, I would like to talk about an infographic I found surfing the Internet. These data are from the UK, but they are very interesting because they reflect the preferences of us women in terms of Christmas gifts and what they actually receive.

But first … Did you know that a good part of the family holiday budget is distributed between dinner, drinks and gifts for family and friends? Another thing I found was about how women buy and a number expressed fully realize online, from their offices. What do you think?

Well, now let’s get down to it: 6 out of 10 women will receive a tablet or e-reader as a gift, one of the most popular present.

Shoes, lingerie, relaxing day at a spa, jewelry, romantic evenings, beautiful wallet (or purse), music; They are among the favorite gifts. Unfortunately, not all receive the gift they want, standing out among the most popular (and less desirable): anti-aging creams, teddy bears, chocolates and flowers.

And before saying goodbye for today, I share some tips that can help you search for that perfect gift for that special person:

  • Listen carefully to her comments.We always give hints of what we want as a gift!
  • Remember that we are special, beautiful and sexy.
  • Pay attention to the key moments of the relationship, there may be the perfect gift!