Taking away threesomes, there are many things and desires that men have that might surprise you and will fan the flame of your relationship in a physical level. Many sex therapists recommend to understand your partner, which is why some men shared their “intimate” secret so that women can have a window to their needs and tastes.

Knowing what you’re doing can earn a direct ticket to lovemaking, strengthening your relationship and making you happier in bed. Keep your man happy! And although many of these things probably seem like a taboo … there’s nothing wrong with testing them. Your sex is a secret of yours anyways. Behind the bedroom door, the world is yours to experience.

Here are 5 Things men would like you to know about sex

1. Talk and test his fantasies … and I’m not necessarily talking about a threesome.

The most popular men’s fantasy is to have a threesome, usually with two women. Although it may seem still taboo, men are still designed as pehistórico man who wants to mate with several females, and this is controlled by dopamine in the brain (which controls the pleasure and the need to innovate) Still, you can lead your partner talking about his sexual fantasies, without necessarily having to invite someone to the room. Let him talk about his fantasies, and if you also have this fantasy, feel free to try. Feel free, confident and desinhíbete a bit to the experience more enjoyable for both. Innovate!

2. Sexy videos are not bad for the relationship, rather it is a help

Most men use pornography to pleasure, because their brains crave visual stimulation while encouraging themselves. This does not mean that you do not want or that you are expecting that kind of sex. Men learn to innovate with pornography, and before judging, why do not you join? They can learn two new things and keep the first step (innovation)

3. Say yes to sex more often

Sensitive and wounded men when women feel constantly refuses to have sex. Women need words, men need actions. Having sex involves emotional closeness to the man according to many psychologists. Besides, it’s fun, burns calories and makes you feel happier. Need another incentive? (Read more about the calories you burn with sex)

4. Tell what you like during sex

Most men considered more sexy to a woman who is vocal in bed, and should not therefore be overstated and shout to 4 winds, but you can let them know with small sounds that what you are doing will give you pleasure. If there is something you don’t like, tell him positively .. “I would rather _____” and give some clue of what you really want. Sex will be more enjoyable for you, and they will know that you are indulging.

5. Explore his body

The body of a man has many sensitive spots, and as women are stimulated with caresses. His neck, back of the ears, chest, inner arms and genital area are full of nerve endings that can make your partner go crazy.

These tips can make your sex more pleasurable for both. Men love to feel they have the power, because reaffirms masculinely, but do not forget the sensitive part that makes them feel loved and cared for.