If you found your future self today… What advice would you tell him/her? Are you ready? Do this today and your future self will thank you

  1. Your health is as important as love or your career. Put it some effort and go through the healthy way.
  2. Laugh for 5 minutes each morning. Watch videos, jokes, talk to someone who makes you laugh. A good laugh will make you feel full of life and much younger.
  3. Write 10 ideas on paper every day. It can be about anything you want, but the important thing is to put your thoughts on paper. Surely one of those ideas you find inspiration to achieve your goals.
  4. Read a book on the week. Try to see all those pages quickly and beat your record.
  5. Keep a personal journal. This helps us therapeutically, just by writing how we feel on paper. You’ll be keeping track of your life.
  6. Choose your friends carefully. Not all people who appear in your life will be forever in it.
  7. Enjoy cinema. You probably think that you don’t have time, or that it is an unnecessary expense and there is nothing good in theaters, but the film will make you more educated about things that are happening in your culture.
  8. Flossing is more important than brushing. Don’t forget one or the other!
  9. Have a savings jar. Every little coin and bill matter. Start saving for later years.
  10. Use those savings to do something you really want: travel, have great experiences, try, enjoy.
  11. Learn a foreign language. This might take you some time, but I’m sure in a couple years you’ll be speaking it.
  12. Save 15% of your income and invest in stocks or real estate. In five years you’ll be surprised at what you have earned and have a savings fund for your life.
  13. Unplug your TV, computer, cables etc., at least one hour a day. Help your planet.
  14. Meet a new place every day, even if it is a sink in another department or floor.
  15. Give yourself a moment of silence a day. Put your thoughts, emotions, feelings during that minute in balance. Then use your day to put everything you thought on paper.

Be thankful to the universe, that way you will find prosperity.