They say there’s no reason not to laugh, but there is certainly a very good one to do it. According to a study by McMaster University, laughter not just captivates but also influences when choosing a sexual partner. Sex, besides physical satisfaction, allows us to develop affective ties and greater understanding of our emotions.

I’m sure you’ve heard more than once, “The important thing is to make you laugh,” It turns out that this is totally true, psychologist Eric Bressler conducted a study that indicated that 62% of women chosen as partner, men that make them laugh, and 65% of them women choose to be able to appreciate their jokes.

The specialist Jose Elias suggests that laughter as part of the sexual act can increase the level of trust and intimacy between partners since only people who love or feel an appreciation allowed to offer an open laugh.

Laughter is an act that attracts people and at the same time decreases the tension between them. In the formation of a couple’s “flirting” with thy power is important because endorphins are released and increases the attractiveness of the couple.

Do you need another reason to laugh with your partner?