Have you been unknowingly increasing your cancer risks for the sake of beauty?

It depends on what beauty products you use. Some studies show certain beauty products used at salons may be linked to cancer.

Hair dyes: cancer risk unclear

Hair dye products include close to 5,000 chemicals, including some that might cause cancer. Researchers have been studying the possible cancer link for decades.In the mid to late 70s, scientists found chemicals in hair dye that caused cancer in animals. Luckily, hair dye makers have removed some of these chemicals since then. But, scientists aren’t sure if the remaining chemicals used in hair dye cause cancer.

In fact, the National Cancer Institute says research on cancer and current hair dye use is limited and conflicting. And, the Working Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says that personal use of hair dyes is “not classifiable” as cancer-causing.

In other words, it’s unclear if using hair dyes ups your cancer risk.

Bottom line: If you frequently dye your hair, be mindful of what’s in the product you use. You can find out if your favorite hair dye has cancer-causing chemicals in the National Toxicology Program’s 12th Report on Carcinogens.