Makeup tutorials are one of my favorite things lately… One of the things I love about being an actress, is when my makeup artists play with their magical and artistic hands to highlight my eyes, contour my face, and give me a more streamlined look.

Today I share with you 5 Valentine´s Day make up tutorials by 5 great inspiring girls These youtubers are spectacular, and make the art of putting on makeup look easier. Remember, always start with a clean face and don´t forget to always wash your face before sleep!

Valentine´s Day make up tutorials 

2 Valentine’s Day Makeup LOOKS by Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel proposes glamorous styles with these makeup for Valentine’s Day. Frosted colors with soft lips is her label, to “give kisses” without leaving unwanted spots in the face of your partner. This is one of the perfect makeup for people with full lips, such as Cali Bybel.


Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial by Nikky Tutorials

It’s Valentine’s Day! And why not take the risk to look completely irresistible with some hot lips, dreamy eyes and killer highlighter! This look will definitely make you stand out.


Drugstore Makeup for Valentine’s Tutorial by Zoella

Sometimes, less is more. Zoella brings a simple, fast and inexpensive makeup with products you can get at any pharmacy. She aims for the striking lips, eyes soft and definitely more natural look. I love it!


Makeup for Valentine’s Day Tutorial “Soft and Pretty” by Lauren Curtis

For people with more classic and neutral taste, it is this tutorial Lauren Curtis. Soft and Pretty means soft and cute, and that points to that wonderful makeup. Show off your angelic side with this amazing and natural makeup.

Valentine’s Date Night Make Up Tutorial- D’Artiste by Dodos Uvieghara

For darker skins, this makeup done by all Uvieghara, I find it stunningly beautiful, because it’s simple, glamorous and has some “strobing” the new technique that illuminates his face in places that make us look “bright”. Beautiful!

What do you think about these Valentine´s Day make up tutorials ? I love them all and I can´t wait to try them on this Day (with my own twist of course!)