You might find that escaping into your home is a great way to avoid unwanted pollutants and air contamination, but did you know that your house is vulnerable to air impurities, too?

From dust mites and dander to chipped paints and unvented stoves, there’s no shortage of sources that could be causing indoor air pollution within your very own home.

Don’t run outside to get a breath of fresh air just yet. Your home is your safe haven, which means every aspect should enhance your overall sense of wellbeing — air quality included. Are you wondering how you can bring the freshness of the air from the outdoors and into your home? Then be sure to follow these ten simple ways that’ll have you breathing freshness with ease.

1. Keep Your Shoes Outside

Did you know that shoes can contain an average of 421,000 units of bacteria — just on the outside of the sole alone? Now imagine bringing all of that bacteria into your home with every step you take.

Remember to take your shoes off before you enter your home in order to prevent outside contaminants from coming inside. If you stepped on particularly dirty surfaces throughout the day, including wet grounds or muddy fields, be sure to clean off you’re the exterior of your shoes regularly as well.

2. Diffuse Air-Enriching Oils

Imagine cleaning your home´s air in while also adding an aromatic smell or various scents to your home. Well now, you can!

Oil diffusers are the perfect home accessory for any individual seeking a way to enhance their indoor air quality while adding a few desirable aromas to each room in the process. Oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemongrass are effective at reducing airborne bacteria and viruses that may be apparent in your home’s air.

Simply add a few drops to your diffuser and sit back and relax as your trusted scents take care of the rest.

hme´s air windows3. Break Open the Windows

Closed building needs ventilation every now and again — homes and apartments included. If you find yourself suffering through stuffy conditions or lacking a sense of freshness in your surroundings, the solution may just be as simple as cracking the windows and letting a breeze of fresh air inside.

Did you know that there are many indoor objects and substances linked to asthma and difficult breathing conditions? From cleaning products to pesticides, there are various hazardous fumes that may just be lurking within the indoors. Be sure to stimulate ventilation by cracking your windows open at least once each day.

4. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Even if you take your shoes off at the front door and go out of your way to keep your prized possessions off of the floor, no carpet is exempt from collecting dust and mold. Unlike other surfaces on your home, your carpet can experience the most wear and contamination throughout the day due to constant walking and use.

Did you know that certain health problems can be avoided just by maintaining a fresh and clean carpet? Find a way to incorporate vacuuming into your daily routine to ensure allergens such as dust and pollen don’t stay behind — even hidden with your carpet’s comfy fibers.

5. Go Green With Cleaners

You might think that cleaning can help improve the level of air quality in your home, but using the wrong cleaning materials may actually do you more harm than good. If your cleaners use toxic chemicals that are harmful to breathe in and affect the freshness of your home´s air, consider making a natural cleaning alternative instead.

Try making your own cleaners with non-toxic chemicals such as vinegar and baking soda. Research how to make natural cleaners with green-friendly products you can safely use within your home, too. Your home will end up spotless and you won’t have to unleash bad smelling or poisonous chemicals into your home´s air in the process.


home´s air snake plant

6. Replace Nature-Inspired Décor With Real Plants

While they may be easy to maintain, faux plants are no match for the real deal. Add a sense of décor to your home with an added aesthetic that improves your air quality in the process by placing live houseplants in various rooms.


If you’re worried about finding the time to maintain your plants with the tender, love, and care that they desire, opt for a Snake Plant to enhance your home.

Snake Plants are not only the easy-choice for homeowners due to their low maintenance levels, but they also do wonders when it comes to filtering the air in your home. You can add a sense of attractive décor to your home and sit back and relax with a breath of fresh air — provided by none other than your Snake Plant, of course.

7.  Keep Mold at Bay
Mold — we’ve all seen it and grudgingly put on our gloves to deal with it before. But while cleaning up mold may not make your list of favorite weekday activities maintain a clean and refreshing environment depends on it.

The manifestation of mold is closely linked to upper respiratory tract issues and can cause higher levels of discomfort for individuals with asthma or allergies. Not only is it bad to look at, but it evidently causes great harm to your overall sense of well-being, too.

Prevent mold from forming in your home by investing in a dehumidifier that regulates the level of moisture in your home´s air. Remember to fix any leaks immediately to prevent water from seeping into your rooms, too.

8. Invest in an Air Purifier

If you or somebody in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, investing in an air purifier can prove to be a lifesaver. Whether you’re sick of constantly sneezing or watery eyes obstructing your view throughout the day, air cleaners help make life a little easier so that you can enjoy your time spent indoors as well.

So how exactly does an air purifier help make your air cleaner? Regular air containing contaminants and impurities flow through filters that trap and catch small particles that may be polluting your air so that you can take a breath of fresh air even from the comforts of your own home.

9. Use Fans to Increase Circulation

It’s nice to retreat to your home on a hot summer day and simply turn on the air conditioner as you cool up inside. You may not want to open your windows while letting the warmth inside, but you need a way to circulate the air inside, too. That’s where fans come into play.

Try researching the best fans for your own individual scenario — whether you need a source of cooling and ventilation for your small studio space or larger master bedroom. You can enjoy the coolness inside without suffering from stuffy conditions in the process.

home´s air puppies10. Make Sure Your Pets Are Clean

Dogs and cats are fun, but the dirt they bring into your home inarguably is not. If you have a pet, you may be all too familiar with shedding, pet dander, and even fleas. Make sure you keep your home in top shape by maintaining your pet’s appearance, too.

Groom your dogs and cats regularly to prevent the level of outside air pollution that they bring inside your home. Did you know that their skin flakes and dander can induce an allergic reaction or strengthen symptoms of asthma? Keep your home — and your furry friends — in check by combing, maintaining and grooming your pet’s fur.


Your home should enhance your overall sense of relaxation and comfort — two feelings that depend on the cleanliness of your home´s air. Make sure every breath you take replicates the freshness of the outside world with these ten simple cleaning tips in mind.