Maybe you think that technology is precisely what you want to escape from when you do yoga and pilates. We live in a digital world where the torrent of messages, social networks, texts, and chats can be overwhelming and stressful.

When we do yoga and pilates, apart from giving a good stretched our muscles, we seek to focus our minds to work and concentration regularly that our emotional responses to all circumstances of our life. Through meditation, we exercise our conscious thought.

But the good thing is that there are technological ways that can help you practice and learn the full concentration scientifically, through guided meditation. As ironic as it it may seem, there are applications (of which sometimes we run away) that will improve the way you do yoga, as you work your awareness and attention.

5 Fabulous apps to help you do yoga and pilates

1. Headspace

With more than 3 million users worldwide, Headspace is advertised as a “space for gymnastics of the mind.” Users are guided through daily meditations with the application. The sessions, which begin every 10 minutes, are available for beginners and experts in the field.

2. Meditation Made Simple

A free application for all age groups gives you 3 simple ways to meditate to improve in personal and workplace. Regular practice with this application can be flattering in the lifestyle of those who do not have much time to practice yoga.

3. Buddhify

Buddhify offers guided tours for specific times of the daily meditations. It has meditations for when you’re waking up, or in simple things like eat, travel, treat pain or illness, sleep, and a dozen other situations.


4. Checky

Stay focused on a single activity is very difficult, especially in our culture where there is overstimulation with technology. Cheeky is an app to meditate on our compulsive actions. Keep track of how many times you use your phone a day to raise awareness about the dependence we have on technology. This helps us because we become aware of the moments where we focus not to use it.

5. Lumosity

An app to strengthen and exercise our brain. Lumosity is a game developed by neurologists who have exercises to expand the core capabilities of our brain, such as memory, attention, and speed. Perfect to help you at the time to meditate on doing yoga and pilates.