I must admit it … For me, having my nails and hands all fixed up is something completely mandatory at all times. Whether I managed to do it myself, or go to a special place, they should always look impeccable. I love manicure trends.

Hands are our cover letter and cause an important first impression to people who see them.

Now … Beyond having them always manicured, there are creative ways to nail polish and like all fashion, our hands are not safe from manicure trends. Innovation came to the manicure, and makes there are always more creative ways to show off our nails.

8 Manicure trends you don’t want to miss


1. Coffin Nails 

This is the design of the moment, they’re called Coffin Nails because of their elongated and square in the tip. This short version is my favorite, and is completely in fashion.



2. A minimalist touch

The typical “little french” became a geometric game a bit hipster, but that gives it a touch of design without being excessive or something dramatic. This trend will be somewhat prevalent in spring and summer.


3. Oily style

We are in an era where the metallic colors are mixed to give sensations. This style is strange … but with dark colors it looks pretty good. What do you think?


4. The nudes

One of the manicure trends of 2015 will continue for a while. Hands are pretty neat and elegant. For me, a must of the season.


5. A little 3D

I’m not a big fan of jewelry nail, but the proposal for Spring 2016 is so subtle that might look good in any kind of nails, especially in the wide base.




6. Mate with a touch of brightness

The Frenchie innovates again with this style. Matte nails are fashionable, and you can put a spin brightness to be different from the rest. What do you think these manicure trends so far?



7. Metallic like precious stones

Metallic colors are here to stay. But they are not common metal, because your nails should look as subtle as possible with light-colored pearlescent colors.



8. Short and round

This is a convenient way to have your nails free of scratches and less prone to breakage. These nails are a must this season.

What do you think these manicure trends? You do try on? Let me know in the comments!