Once I went to a chiropractor and had therapy for people who were recovering from bunions operations.

Bunions are a bone inflammation of the lining of the joint of the big toe causing the deviation from it. If you have them and don’t want to do surgery I give several natural remedies that you can apply.

Having pain in your feet is really uncomfortable and any wounds we may have usually takes longer to heal since we use our feet everyday.

4 Remedies to relieve bunions pain

  • Massage with lavender: lavender helps relieve pain caused by bunions, which is why it is beneficial to massage her
  • Massage with Arnica: Arnica is excellent for relieving pain, that’s why arnica massage can be performed using the above recipe but replacing lavender leaves sheets of arnica.
  • Apply heat: when bunions cause much pain and inflammation can apply heat with a heating pad for 15 minutes on the affected area.
  • Bath salt: Place in a large bowl, warm water with a handful of coarse salt and place your feet for 10 minutes, this will help relieve pain and inflammation.

The surgeon can repair a bunion in the following ways:

  • Shortening or lengthening some tendons or ligaments.
  • By fusion, which involves removing the damaged part of the joint and then using screws, wires or a plate to hold the joint.
  • Slicing the bump on the toe joint.
  • Removing the damaged part of the joint.
  • Cutting parts of the bones on each side of the toe joint, then putting them in their proper position, which is called osteotomy.