The fashion of ripped jeans is here for a while, and is to stay a while longer. We all remember that it arose initially with rockers, like a disheveled look, and now has led to the Fashion Weeks.The fun thing about this trend is that you can go completely ecological thinking of re use that old pair of pants that no longer enjoy.

In this post I will give you a step by step guide to transform and reuse your old pants, from boring to super trendy.

Step 1: choose the pants that want to transform. I recommend dark or light jeans as the trend has to do with this kind of thick fabrics where tear detail is remarkable.

Step 2: draw stripes with chalk where you want them to be torn. Knees, mid-thigh and below the knee are the most common places to cut and break the jeans. Do it fairly small, but visible. Remember that the more it’s been worn and washed most likely the increase of the hole size.

Step 3: You can make lines, boxes, Xs. The design is completely on your creative side.

Step 4: You’ll need a sandpaper fo rwood, grater or pumice. Put a piece of way on the inside of the jeans while using the tool of your choice, that you will support erode the fabric smoothly.

Step 5: cut the fabric. I always thought of this step as “sanding”. As it sounds, you’ll sanding or filing the fabric until you get to wear it

Step 6: With a fine cutter, make thin slices and edged in Burnout. The number and design go hand in hand with the result that you want for your pants.

Step 7: with scissors you can cut the fabric edges and use it to pull the little threads that are loose.

Step 8 (additional): if you want to give an aged touch you can use bleach to whiten parts of your pants.