Have you ever heard the phrase “Fake it til you make it”?

I find myself torn around its meaning like, why fake it? Why not just doing it?

Oh… but I get it: it is not always that easy.

Sometimes, it can be hard seeing all your highschool friends just living the life: debt-free, traveling, getting married, having babies, buying that amazing new condo, getting a hot promotion, you name it… we tend to compare and judge ourselves quickly.

Guess what? Nobody´s perfect.

Social Media can make us idealize other people´s lives, specially since most people don´t tend to upload photos of the bad times, we only see a curated version of a fantasy life.

If you ever feel down, feel as you can´t catch a break, I´ll teach you how to get your life back on track!

Style matters

We all have that sexy pair of underwear that makes uf feel radiant and confident even though nobody else can see it. So why not feeling “extra” always?

Have fun dressing up, be comfortable and stylish. It will boost your self esteem. You don´t have to contour and use falsies to go to Target, but taking care of your exterior will help you feel good. Besides, you never know who you might run into!

Keep track to get your life back on track

I always keep a pen and notebook with me while doing business, it is refreshing and you can doodle, and my phone is my everything! Nowadays you can track literally everything:

  • Calories
  • Sleeping hours
  • Steps and exercise
  • Grocery list
  • Activities
  • Expenses
  • Your Period. (see what I did there?)

And the list goes on and on, keeping track of your habits will help you gain perception.

Let me give you a GREAT example:

You buy a frapuccino every day which is about 500 calories and 5 dollars.

Based on analysis:

  • To burn that frapuccino you´d have to practice 2 hours of yoga or pilates… daily!
  • Eliminating that frappe from your daily calorie intake should result in an approximate 25-lb weight loss over one year.
  • Eliminating that expense will make you save $1825 dollars a year

One less habit… 3 amazing benefits (not even including what reducing sugar from your diet can do for your health).

Say YES to life

Don´t let a bad moment or a bad decision ever dictate the way you see life. Be positive, smile at others, share and learn to see the beauty on everything. The journey is not over and you will make it back on track!