One of the simplest things we do everyday is brushing our teeth, it becomes natural and we almost never think about it, but, have you ever thought about how healthy is the toothpaste you use for yourself and your family?

Each toothpaste is identify by a color, so look for the tube of toothpaste and check to see what color is and identify if this is healthy for you or not.

How healthy your toothpaste really is?

Have you ever noticed how there are different colors at the bottom of your toothpaste tube?
Do you know what this colors mean?

  • Green = Natural
  • Blue = Natural + Medicinal
  • Red = Natural + Chemical Components
  • Black = Only chemical components

So now you know. Your oral health is very important, so you should consider every detail to take care of your teeth and mouth in general, don’t forget that is not so much about what you eat but how you are taking care of your teeth.

What color does the tooth paste tube you use have?