If you are suffering from hair loss, whether it’s due to lack of vitamins, for its weight or because you have it weak, you can try these natural remedies to prevent and stop hair loss once and for all.

I want to point out that it is important and key to have a natural and beautiful hair your nutrition.  Read more about the mistakes that cause hair loss here.

Watch this video! My own hair loss formula! english subtitles! 

3 Natural remedies to stop hair loss

Vegetables and Apple lotion


Boil fresh lettuce, organic if possible and mix it with natural apple juice.

Massage the whole hair with this preparation and then leave on for 10 minutes repeating the treatment the next day.

The combination of these two juices is rich in elements particularly useful for hair growth.

Rosmery and Vodka lotion


In a jar, put 1 ounce of Rosmery and 1 ounce of Bardock, these herbs can be dried or fresh.

Cover the herbs with 16 ounces of Vodka, close and leave for 10 days. Strain and place in a narrow container with lid to use as a daily lotion.

Apply giving massages to the scalp and leave for 2 or 3 minutes.

Use it consistently, the results are observed from the first month, but you should keep applying intensively for some months and then maintain with several weekly applications.

Almonds Oil

Mix some drops of Almonds oil with Aloe Vera gel and massage the scalp with this mixture.