Doctors and statistics affirm that every women in fertile age tend to develop cysts and this doesn’t need to be something to be really worried about, you it needs to be taken care of.

With each menstrual cycle it is possible that a cyst is formed, this varies depending on the feeding habits, most of them tend to dissolve but in some cases they can grow on in number and cause reactions such as, feeling of weight gaining, pain in the lower part of the womb and when having sex, problems when peeing, breast sensibility and tendency to gain weight.

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As usual, I like finding natural solutions to everything; and today I have found some natural remedies I want to share with you:

  • 2 pounds of beet grated and strained made juice and put in a jar along with half a liter of honey, drink a cup in fast and one after lunch and dinner for two months.
  • Drink an infusion made out of a spoon of dry leaves of dandelion three times a day.
  • Blend lemon juice,aloe pulp, tequila and honey in the same amounts. Leave it in the fridge for a day and drink a small glass in fast.