A beautiful smile, implies dental health. Do you suffer from dental plaque? Today I want to give 3 natural remedies to eliminate it once and for all.

Dental plaque is the gathering of microbes, saliva, remainings of food that attach to your teeth and stay there. It is mandatory to get rid of dental plaque before it calcifies and be transformed into tartar which is quite hard to remove. Dental plaque can also be the source of caries, gingivitis or other problems.

To eliminate it, it is important to have an excellent routine of hygiene, brush one’ teeth after each meal and use dental flush. I share here 3 remedies that will help you eliminate and remove dental plaque:

3 natural remedies to eliminate dental plaque

Coconut oil and bicarbonate: the perfect combination.

Coconut oil has excellent properties that are disinfectant and antimicrobial, and bicarbonate is an excellent natural cleaner. Mix 30gr of coconut oil with 20gr  sodium bicarbonate, apply the paste on the toothbrush. Apply this once a day, as if you were brushing your teeth. Then brush with your regular paste to remove the excess of sodium bicarbonate.

Orange peel

It is full of vitamins and its components are excellent to eliminate dental plaque. Vitamin C is essential  and it can be found in orange peels. Cut a piece of fresh peel and rub the inner part against all teeth (inside and in the gums) Repeat daily.

Sodium bicarbonate and salt

With these two ingredients you can make a mouthwash to clean every corner of your mouth and avoid dental plaque to concentrate there. Mix 10gr of bicarbonate, 2,5gr of salt and dilute it in 200ml of hot water. Let it cool off and make gargles for a minute after brushing your teeth. Repeat this twice a week.