If you have already made your mind to start the gym then you are in the right direction to get you dreamt body. Congratulations! Now that you have the motivation, keep in mind these 7 aspects before going to your first class.

Perhaps it is the first time you go to the gym, or you just don’t want look like you don’t belong there. Take this as a warning, and follow these tips:

7 things you need to know before starting the gym

  1. Eat something before you go: have breakfast and/or lunch, and if you do exercise in the afternoon have a light snack, with a medium caloric content, low in fat and without carbohydrates. You can’t exercise without fuel.
  2. Take your bottle of water: It is essential that you be hydrated. Take your bottle of water and help yourself lose weight!
  3. Avoid comparing yourself!: the only person who has you on his/her mind, is you. Just pay attention to your classes and exercises. Everybody is focused on themselves.
  4. Don’t get frustrated: nobody is demanding anything from you, you and your body know your limits. Don’t exceed yourself because you might end up injured.
  5. There are bad days too: sometimes you won’t feel like it, your body will hurt, and you won’t have any will to exercise. This doesn’t imply you lost your motivation, tiredness is something normal. You need to be patient!
  6. Asking for help is totally normal!: Get to know the place, ask all doubts you have to the training instructors to take full advantage of the place and to do the right exercises and avoid injuries.
  7. Motivate yourself with music: in every gym there is always music so people can carry on with rhythm. If you like a special kind of music make your playlist and take you earplugs with you. Enjoy!

Going to the gym is not only motivation but also the will of getting in shape, it means organizing your daily routine and choosing the best exercises for you…