If you go to the gym, do constant exercise and sweat in excess, you might surely think that you are burning a high amount of calories. But is sweating actually related to the weight loss? Does sweating make you lose weight?

Beyond the myth or reality, it is vital to understand that sweating is something you can’t run away from when exercising. Why? Sweat is the natural body’s response to clean our skin from toxins. When we sweating we are acceleration our metabolism to be able to set those toxins free through sweating.

Sweat is mineralized water, and even though it depurates our body, it is also an effective method to regulate body’s temperature (mostly when we are overheated because of the summer or exercising)

But how certain is that it’s related to weight loss?

For our body to transpire our heart need to pump faster, we breathe deeper, we accelerate our blood flow, and we turn our metabolism on. However, this must go along with exercise so we can actually work on our weight.

Actually, the fitter you are the more you sweat, you will lose water and you will favor weight loss. Now, people with low activity might produce a smelly sweat to regulate their temperature, which doesn’t imply any weight loss but water. It is important to combine a healthy diet with exercise to improve our lifestyle.

Sweating might imply getting thinner. As long as you exercise, you will be fresh thanks to sweat, therefore, you will be able to keep your routine up. The more exercise you do, the more calories you burn.