We, latinos, absolutely love food; the flavors, the exotic mixes and most of the time spicy and salty food. Salt is good to flavor food, there is no doubt of that; however overuse and excessive intake of it might lead us to serious health problems.

So, here I present you: 3 Truths about salt.

This is all you need to know about refined salt

  1. One day, the industry decided to transform natural salt into simple sodium chloride (refined salt), because scientist at that time affirmed that the other element that composed salt (minerals and other dietary elements) were unnecessary and that sodium chloride was enough to salt food.

Since then any similarities between the salt we intake and the natural salt are long gone.

It was “pure gold” because it provided us all elements needed to survive and was transformed into “pure poison” as every doctor or scientist already know.

  1. Besides sodium chloride toxicity, we need to add iodine and fluorine, minerals added artificially to salt.

Iodine (toxic when intake goes over the minimum) is added because it is supposed to improve thyroid functions; and  fluorine (one of the most radioactive elements that exist) because the affirmed that this poison helped prevent dental caries. Sarcasm. Natural salt, either from the sea or the mountains contains 84 elements that compose the human body in its right amount.

Few people know that blood composition is practically the same as the seawater of the “primary sea”, this means that our blood is exactly like the sea was million of years ago.

  1. Fast food is full of refined salt, this increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, the intake of this kind of salt is between 8 and 20 times more than one should eat. In order to keep a balance between sodium and potassium, the intake must be 1.500 milligrams a day, if one overpasses this limits, heart conditions might appear.

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Now that you know about it, think it through before exceeding the salt intake, try eating food without spices and you will see the difference in your body.