Women between 30 and 50 years tend to develop breasts cysts, and it doesn’t mean you have cancer. Cysts are small fluid-filled bumps that form when a mammary gland is blocked.

Have you ever had an ulcer on your tongue? Something similar happens in your breast when a gland is blocked. Most are so small that you neither see nor feel them, but in the case of many women, a small ball (soft or firm) feels within the breast.

Usually breast cysts tend to grow and hurt a little during the days of menstruation, symptoms of PMS (Read more about PMS), appropriate time to identify them easily. Feel your breast before you menstruation. (5 campaigns that create awareness about breast cancer)

Natural treatment for breast cysts

Most such breast cysts are harmless, and you can remove them with medical or natural treatments. Here I leave you some tips and recommendations:

  • Eat healthy, since overweight and hormonal disorders can cause breast cysts
  • Eating foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids: pumpkin seeds, sunflower or sesame.
  • Take vitamin E and B6.
  • Avoid eating foods with saturated fat that result in increased estrogen in your body: fatty meats, sausages, milk, coffee, alcohol or cigarettes.
  • Take advantage of vitamin E from foods like wheat germ, hazelnuts, almonds, olive oil, apple, asparagus, mango and avocado.