Friendship is something I’ve learned to appreciate since a very young age. Life is full of a constant flow of people coming in and out of your way, making the day to day something unique. But there are always those who walk with you, no matter what happens, that someone who we call: Best friend… There are several friends, but best friend very few.

A best friend that completes you in many ways. I am a firm believer that these unconditional friends become part of your family, a family that you chose to be a part. That’s why I want to dedicate today’s post to best friend.

10 things you’ll only understand if you have a best friend

  1. You and your best friend can be completely silent and just be comfortable with your company. Even if they are sitting together without looking and not feel uncomfortable and know that just the fact of being together worth much.
  2. A best friend will tell you what others are afraid to admit, since a dress makes you look fat to you should wash your hair, because that’s what the friends.
  3. You’re not ashamed to invite yourself to your best friend’s home or their plans because you know that your company will not be bothered and they don’t bother you.
  4. You know your best friend much that you know if he lies, if they don’t like something or don’t get a joke you told them.
  5. Han estado juntas en los mejores y peores momentos de sus vidas, y saben que seguirán acumulando recuerdos.
  6. Your best friend will tell genuine compliments when you do not even expect them, just born at the time.
  7. Although many years had passed without seeing each other, you and your best friend speak and feel as comfortable as if they had never been separated.
  8. They are unable to feel envious of the other, rather rejoice greatly when a good thing happens.
  9. So confident in the other who know the most shameful of each anecdotes and know all its secrets.
  10. Everybody knows that if you’ve been friends for more than seven years, are sisters and they will be forever. Because, who else would tolerate you so long if not your family?