When I was little my mother always asked me to help clean the house… and just like any other child, I always didn’t want to. But one day, I really wanted to help and I got the bright idea to clean my mom’s wooden table  with a bleach cleaner… I think you can imagine what happened?

Wood is a natural or semi-natural surface, which requires special care to prevent it from being damaged…And it’s clear that putting chlorine is not a good way to clean it unless you want it to become discolored, or get horrible white spots and damage your furniture. I’m sure you don’t want that to your wood at home.

Many of the cleaners on the market contain chemicals that also affect the life of your furniture. That’s why I want to give you some little but great natural tips to clean the wood without damaging or corrode in the process:

3 Tips to clean the wood at home without damaging it

Use walnuts

This trick works to clean and polish the wood. You just have to peel the nuts, and use it to exploit its properties and aqueous liquids (semi oily). Rub the walnut wood base, no matter what it is apparent as you do. Nuts shouldn’t soil or scratch the real woods.

Wine vinegar and olive oil

Mix wine vinegar and olive oil in equal parts with a cotton and spread the mixture all over the furniture, let it dry for about an hour. This will naturally hydrate your wood. Then wax for polishing.

Lemon oil with vegetable oil mix

Mix lemon oil in vegetable oil (1 part of lemon oil 3 parts vegetable oil). Spread the mixture with a cloth and let it dry.

If the wood is damaged with liquid, glass or mugs spots, you can try these tricks:

  • For liquid stains: spread mayonnaise on the stain and rub until it disappears.
  • For glasses stains: rub the stain with cork