Those who practice yoga have certain reasons, relax, concentrate and meditate. It turns out that yoga is so large and diverse as the universe of exercises that exist and that we may or may not know. There is a tantric branch focuses on the sexual part of the body, and whether you’re in a class of tantric yoga or beginners, these are the reasons why yoga improves sex.

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5 Reasons why yoga improves sex

  1. Yoga improves sex because it helps to increase the strength and flexibility of your muscles. you no longer feel more cramps or exhaustion if you practice yoga consistently.
  2. It helps regulate breathing, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. This makes you more prone to difrutar moments of sex and even increase the amount of sexual activity that you have.
  3. It teaches to enjoy the moment with full awareness and alertness of sensations to be experienced. Yoga improves sex because it helps to free you body and open your mind.
  4. You can learn new positions. Hand flexibility, yoga makes you more creative when sex. This is why every yoga position improves sex.
  5. This ancient practice helps balance sexuality, rather than increase it. This discipline will improve your attitude and outlook. Within the spiritual pillars of yoga every relationship should be based on respect, love and light which leads you to have more balanced relationships.

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