Diets are part of our daily life. Diets help us choose what we eat, are part of short- or long-term, and all the time are affected by fashion and new trends in fitness life style. While it is true that there is an improvement in global awareness about health, we must beware of those trends and effects. That’s why today I want to talk about detox juices.

Nowadays we see a lot of juices and smoothies, fruit and/or vegetables, for different purposes: slimming, detoxifying and fat burning. The truth of this is that none of these detox juices help completely to burn fat or detoxify your body.

Drinking detox juices should be accompanied by a nutritionist or expert on the subject to avoid getting into the body counter, filled with lots of sugar or lacking vitamin and mineral mixtures. That’s why we bring you these tips for you to take into account when wanting to drink detox juices:

5 Things you should know before start drinking detox juices

  • Drinking juices detox doesn’t mean that we can eat everything after. Detox juices are part of a diet or lifestyle, but shouldn’t be treated as a fat burning pill to everything that we brought to the stomach.
  • Don’t just drink fruit detox juices. I call them “Sugar Bombs”, which in the long term can affect the balance of glucose and insulin in the body. Sometimes in the process of juicing fruit fiber is removed, what remains only water and fructose (sugar). – a few fruit detox juices won’t hurt (many do)
  • Drink green detox juices (vegetable) in the morning to improve your digestion. Blend ¼ cup of fruit per cup of vegetables to give you a rich, fresh flavor.
  • Mix your shakes to preserve vitamins, minerals and fiber all the ingredients you use.
  • Mix those detox juices with a special diet and physical activity. Detox juices themselves are not going to help you lose weight, that’s why I recommend you go with your nutritionist to achieve the desired effect.