Running is one of the simplest and most beneficial things you can do. Since childhood, the adrenaline of running makes us feel alive while we exercise our body completely. What do you need? Minimal accessories, determination and consider recommendations to address these activities better.

Don’t hesitate to go jogging and to be a runner. Check it out, keep it in mind and dare to do it! Remember that you do yourself, even though you do go together and you benefit because you want to. If you don’t have this clear, you may end up injuring yourself, because you shouldn’t push yourself more just to show off. unning is a sport that requires practice, balance, strength, and endurance. Take care, and never forget that when you wear sneakers and jog, you do it for you.

6 things that every runner should know

Wear light and comfortable clothing

You must be comfortable when running. Check the time when you go out to prepare for the cold, heat or rain. If you use a bag that is seeking lightweight and comfortable.

Have good shoes

The only way to know which one is best for you is trying on shoes and asking professionals at the time of purchase. See which model best fits your foot, make rotational movements, walking and supports the foot. The shoes should allow the foot to breathe (do not be tight nor loose). A good runner takes care of his/her feet.

Find a good place

You can vary the places and times. But sometimes set ourselves specific routes motivate us and make us more comfortable way.

Don’t push yourself too much

No matter why you started to run, know that sport is a gradual process. You won’t run 10 miles overnight. Be patient and respect your body. Train slowly and increase your endurance.  Therefore learn to rest between your workouts.It is not being sedentary! It is to regulate the more leisurely pace as walks to recover the body’s energy activities.

Don’t eat before you go running

If you don’t want to feel heavy, don’t eat before running (keep a space of two hours to digest). While lighter’re easier it is training. Every runner must take into account food and health.

Warm up and stretch!

Prepare your body before starting to run. Stretch your legs, do some jumps and start walking. Stretch all your muscles so you won’t injure. Take it seriously and do it with patience.