Excessive consumption of salt creates serious health problems. People do not believe this until the doctor gives the list of complications and then is that one way or another, try to avoid salt. In my house I don’t use it but if you eat on the street it’s almost inevitable. Here are some of the consequences of consuming it without moderation.

  1. It forces the heart, liver and kidneys to work harder, creating problems of hypertension, heart conditions, liver and kidney disease.
  2. Consume in excess raises blood pressure.
  3. Blood volume increases if there is excess sodium in the body.
  4. Promotes water imbalance, causes acid-base mismatch (acidity or pH of the cells), promotes atherosclerosis and water retention of the fat tissue (cellulite).
  5. Promotes weight gain, as it causes fluid retention.
  6. When the sodium accumulates in excess  in the body, fluid also accumulates in the intercellular space, so that the tissues of the feet and ankles swell.
  7. When you use too much salt your body is asking for more. The taste for simple food is lost.

photo by: eclectic trends