Have you ever feel like you need to put a little make up? Just powder your nose. I usually carry a little bag of a see thru fabric. For me it’s a beauty emergency kit.

Below I give you a list of things you can have in your bag. [Just in case]

  1. The hairbrush is a must.
  2. A good eyebrow tweezers.
  3. A toothbrush to keep the smile
  4. Hand moisturizer to soften hands and elbows.
  5. A nail scissors.
  6. Antibacterial.
  7. Wet towels.
  8. Candies or a snack.
  9. To shape our nails
  10. One mirror is the best partner
  11. Eye drops
  12. Lips moisturizer
  13. A small bottle of Perfume