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Let’s talk about Fertility. I know it is a touchy subject for us Latinas.
We were raised to really not talk about it, but let me tell you something, we all
struggle with fertility, some way or another.

I remember like it was yesterday, the first time my aunt asked me “when are you
having kids? It’s been 2 years since you got married and you are not getting

I felt the need to tell her “that’s none of your business” but I took a long breath
and told her, the best way I could, that it was so inappropriate to ask that, even to
a family member, because she did not know If I was trying to conceive and was
struggling to even have the conversation with my family.
It got to a point where I was refraining from going to certain events. Not because
I wasn’t happy for those who were celebrating whatever it is they were
celebrating, but because it was taking a huge toll on me mentally with
the number of questions I was getting.

I started doing research about certain foods I could eat and products I could use
that would not interfere with my fertility journey.
If you are going through this, I’m here to tell you that you can really talk about it
and open your mind to really normalize the conversations about fertility.

It is OK to cry, scream, throw a tantrum, and want to get the hell off this
rollercoaster. You are human. Give yourself a little grace.
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So was I.