Have you ever end up feeling like dying after exercising? Sometimes our efforts in the gym are reflected in a deep muscle pain, reminding you that you are working to improve your body and be healthier… But this can be relieved with a delicious and well-deserved after exercise massage!

After an intense workout the muscles are tense all the activity, and has been shown that post-exercise massage performed can enhance the cellular composition of our muscles and induce a natural anti inflammatory reaction to reduce pain.

What is the type of massage you need? Well, there are several types, depending on the body part you want to massage and what you want to achieve with massage.

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Pressure massages, without pressure, gentle strokes, hot stones, lotions, fragrances, etc. There are over 200 types of after exercising massage! Which generally are sensational and pleasant, although the main goal should be to rehabilitate our muscles and prepare fibers for the effort that will be held in the following exercise sessions.

3 After exercising massages you must try

  1. Try a back and legs massage: the most affected parts when exercising for the weight load and overtraining. Massages in these areas relieve tensions and keep our young muscles. Do the best massages? Pressure with the hands of a specialist.
  2. Relaxation with mesotherapy: relaxing key points of the body using hands, knuckles, feet and arms. This technique improves blood circulation, which better oxygenates our muscles and facilitates recovery.
  3. Get a lymphatic drainage: It helps you to expel toxins from your body through the lymph and improves your circulation. It’s deliciously refreshing!