Have you ever wondered why you feel more comfortable sleeping in the pajamas of your choice? Your preferences have to do with your personality, your tastes and way to feel. This is what your pajamas says about you!

Unlike everyday daywear, our sleepwear is something that very few have the privilege of seeing, which is why it shows the depth of our personality, being an intimate set. Willingly or not, our choice of nightwear makes statements of our style, and can even project feelings.

This is what your pajamas say about you

Sleeping Beauty like Evening Dress

These evening dresses may seem a bit outdated, but sometimes they are too comfortable to sleep. Hide the figure, they give a compact look and leave much to the imagination. They are the typical dresses we use as children, so if this is your kind of pajamas to sleep, is likely to be a dreamer.

¿Are you waiting for your prince to come to wake you up from a happy dream? People who use this type of dress are probably still sleeping children inside, live much their past, they are quiet people and probably still want to continue living his childhood.


Classical cartoons

Surely your favorite pajamas have a SpongeBob design, but don’t want to admit it.

Pajamas with cartoons are a favorite of most people, and almost always turn out to be the most comfortable, the oldest and the most beloved. If this is you, you are a playful and childish person.

You’re not afraid to show your hidden tastes! They also talk about your attachment to things … Those pajamas Cupped can get a good spot in the trash!


Shorts and T-shirts

It’s the most comfortable way to sleep. You can walk well dressed all day at home, the presence of a man does not change anything just because you’re dressed comfortably at home.

If this is your preference surely you are a person of strong and simple tastes. You prefer to dress with the first thing you get and comfort for you is essential.

That’s why you have a drawer full of shorts and shirts of all colors, textures always comfortable as cotton, silk or the like.


Traditional pajamas

Who said traditional pajamas are boring? If you are one of those practical people who buy sets of shirts and trousers for sleeping, you probably like comfortable and easy to pick things.

You love sets with color combinations and think well what you’re going to put before bedtime. You probably have a reserved space pajamas according to your mood, the weather or just your choice of the day.

Short pants, long pants, sleeveless, with manga! No matter … as long as combining parts.



For it’s true that it is one of the most “attractive” and sensual ways you can use to sleep. Lace, sexy panties, maybe some baby dolls.

Maybe not the most comfortable sleeping and probably use when you’re together, but if you are using the sleeping lingerie looking domination know, feel incredibly sexy and provocative.

Do you feel little comfortable? It is a price to pay to feel a little more attractive, and with this there is nothing wrong.



There are those who prefer to sleep as they came to the world … without clothes !. You’re probably a free person, unattached, who lives life to the fullest and fully enjoy the comfort.

Definitely, sleeping naked is something daring and is not for everyone.