Do you know how many hands touches the shopping cart before you grab it? When we make purchases we do it almost by inertia and this can be dangerous.

Every time I get to super, there are some that put wet towels for clean your cart. There are supermarkets that do not.

1. The shopping carts are a nest of bacterias: where you put the lettuce probably a kids shoes have been there before, or someone with hands recently sneezed or anything …

Ideally, wipe clean with a disinfectant that will be offered by the super, as i mentioned, or have your own disinfectant wipes in your purse.

2. The salad can make you sick: be careful with the mayonnaise and food with the same style away from home, including those cooked in the supermarket, because they may contain salmonella.

Yes, I speak of these samples you get at the supermarket and eat them, because you crave.

3. They don’t clean the supermarket as often as you think: supermarkets are not just the part where products are exposed. In areas where food is prepared like meat or vegetables or at the refrigerated warehouses usually, they do not care so much about hygiene or appearance.

Always clean your hands before and after leaving

4. Beware with the Bathroom: I do not know why but every time i am shopping i want to go to the bathroom. Almost always … they are disgusting. So if you can, hold up, and if not, take hygiene measures.

5.Watch Cleaning products: Obviously we like to touch what we want to buy. Be careful because if you have not made ​​the switch from natural eco or more naturals, these packaging are mostly full with chemicals waste.

I always sneeze when I’m in that aisle. Try to do not touch them or wash your hands before leaving the super