Mango is a delicious fruit, whenever is mango season many people enjoy its taste, but, What are the benefits or eating mango?

Mango is perfect to replenish energy and vitamins after working out, and it also helps to tone muscle nerves and make them stronger, as well as your heart and brain.

Benefits of eating mangos for your health

In general, it has a lot of benefits, some of the most important are:

It’s an excelente source of vitamins A, B and C. Also contribuites as a source of potassium and a moderate amount of copper.

Cancer: Mango helps protect against colon, breast and prostate cancer.

Sight: Due to containing vitamin A, daily eating a whole cup of mango will help you prevent night-blindness, dry eyes, itchy and burning eyes.

Digestion: Same as papayas, this fruit help to improve digestion, since it has digesting enzymes that help our body in this process, also, its fiber helps in preventing constipation.

Diabetes: Drinking mangos leaves tea, helps to level the amount of insulin in your body.

Skin: Eating mangos frequently helps maintain a smoother skin, with better color and radiance. Mangos are also used as an ingredient to make facemasks.

Weight: If you’re on a diet, magos offer various nutrients in one single portion, on the other hand, if you want to gain weight you can eat mangos and drink milk, this combination will give you great results.

Natural remedy for heat waves: Mangos juices mixed with water and a little sweetener will help you cool your body down and avoid any damages and complications due to heat waves.