To change your reality weight you must change your lifestyle! And not only is adding more exercise to your routine and make light recipes, but change all your daily habits. Even learn to do market as a nutritionist!

If there is someone who should imitate in their healthy lifestyle, it is to nutritionists because their habits impact positively on the health and welfare of our body and our family. Even so it can positively affect moods!

This is what nutritionists to do market to keep buying the most natural, healthy and adapted to pocket products:

  • Do not go shopping hungry

Go hungry market means making decisions based on what we crave in sight … Goody! That is why we should go to Automercado right after lunch, so we choose the necessary things and not the snacks we have.

  • They carry a list

Plan what you’re buying helps you lose weight, and allows you to avoid those impulse buy bauble, fried food, processed food and junk.

  • Buy vegetables and fruits that are in season

They are the best options! And always be cheaper than the fruits are not in season. Nutritionists advise eating vegetables and fruits in season and diet plan based on them.

  • Read the small letters and labels

How many calories is this? How many grams of sugar you have? Reviewing food labels, and read the fine print will help you buy a lot healthier food. Avoid GMO, avoid processed and high amounts of fat, calories and sugar foods.

  • Buy generic brands

Buy generic brands is quite good, and also help you save more money. Search and compare labels.

Choose imitate nutritionists and habits can help you have a style much more healthy life, eat less amount of unhealthy food, save money and lose weight. It’s that easy!