What about if I’ll tell you , that you can heal your body with color? 

I was lie down on my therapist’s bed when I felt like a cold puncture on my chest.

I opened my eyes and I see Beyla , my therapist , with a pen like lantern focusing on my chest doing little circles with a light without even touching me.

What the hell was that?

She laughed at me , as always while explaining the therapy she was practicing on me.

Esogetic color-puncture , colortherapy , is a holistic healing system which offers a unique way to get to the very roots of many health problems.

It is designed to address the non-physical origins of illness as well as its physical symptoms. Clients report not only changes in their bodies, but improved emotional outlook and a clearer sense of life direction after therapy.

The color-puncture treatments are taught together with therapeutic tools for tracking and releasing the energetic consequences of waking up psychosomatic roots of blockages and dis-ease. This method is only found in the Colorpoint Courses, and deals with an essential aspect of integrating these treatments so the recipient can find the most long lasting benefits from them. The Colorpoint Method comes from years of research into the body/mind connection for health, both physical and mental.

Colortherapy treatments often move emotional energy and create mental spaces which need conscious acknowledgement and release.

I can’t say I feel an immediate release of energy when she does it, but its a sutil change of energy , that I know its happening.