It’s almost a “tradition” that mothers teach to their children how to clean their ears regularly with swabs, or cotton swabs. Little do some moms know that this can cause problems in the health of yours and your kid’s ears that can create irreparable damage.

Cotton swabs are harmful to clean your ears!

Many otolaryngologists say you shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean our ears. Why is that? Inserting a cotton swab into our ears doesn’t mean deep clean, but superficial. What we are doing is really gross… We are pushing the hearing wax inward toward our eardrum.

This does nothing but create an earplug that over time can generate ear infections such as otitis, labyrinthitis and more. You could even damage your eardrum. Keep in mind that the more you stimulate your ears touches the glands that produce wax.

What does ear wax do?

The ear is an organ that cleans itself, because it has glands that produce earwax. The same ear canal doesn’t just lubricate, but keeps it perfectly clean.Ear hairs also have a function, which is to push out all foreign particles coming from the outside.The combination of this protects our ears.

Now you know! Never clean your ears with cotton swabs to clean the inside of your ears.