Detox drinks have different benefits, besides its main objective of detoxifying our body and releasing toxins.

Athletes use shakes and blends of different flavors to cleanse the body and give nutrients. But, do we know what are the essential nutrients we should give to our body according to the physical activity we practice?

Detox according to your physical activity

If you are a runner or you do Pilates, or just like to walk, you are making various efforts and your calorie burn may be higher or lower. Find the perfect detox smoothie according to each sport you play.

High impact exercise (running, weightlifting, football and related …)

People who play high impact sports need strong muscles to burn fat exercise and toning enhances them. For them, it’s recommended high in protein shakes, that can give them antioxidants and help them avoid fluid retention.

This is an excellent shake for after exercise and high in protein –> Check out

Moderate impact exercise (swimming, tennis, pilates …)

When you do moderate impact exercises, where you burn calories, sweat and tone up your body, you can give your body a boost with energizing detox smoothies. These will give strength to your exercise and will make you feel less tired.

Click here for the recipe for my energizing smoothie.

Low-impact exercises (Walking, yoga …)

Your muscles have less impact, but still are activities which together with blends and smoothies detox, will enhance the benefits of exercise in your body. For these activities we will focus on diuretic detox beverages like teas and antioxidants smoothies that prevent fluid retention.

You can try a diuretic smoothie pineapple

Also enjoy the benefits of green tea or any tea you like.

Or just prepare a detox water to accompany your activity with flavor, antioxidants and mild detoxification.