Tomatoes are a fruit that is usually consumed in different preparations, but its dehydrated version or what is the same, dried tomatoes, can offer nutrients in larger amounts, is such so this type of tomatoes are an unknown source of calcium.

For every 100 grams of sun dried tomatoes, without addition, we can get about 110 mg of calcium, a mineral of great importance to the health of bones and teeth, as well as cardiac and neuromuscular function.

Then perhaps among those who do not consume dairy, this food can help fill the quota of calcium.

Dried Tomatoes: An Unknown Source of Calcium


We can use this type of tomatoes the same way as fresh tomatoes, either to make a sauce, to incorporate a sandwich for a snack, to prepare a pizza or a salad and also for stuffed pastas, cakes or pies.

If you need more calcium in your diet, perhaps dried tomatoes can help if you consume at least about 10 units daily, which you’ll be adding about 50 mg of the mineral.