I’m out partying drinking some wine when all of a sudden I smile just to find out I have my teeths all purple. My husband sneaky points it out, I run to the restroom to wash out my mouth and I also find out that my lips are colored too. I laught at myself and wonder how can I get rid of those stains or avoid them at all.


First thing we need to know is that foods or drinks stain our teeth.

  • Coffee: Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee in the morning? Unfortunately coffee stains teeth. Try drinking coffee substitutes made ​​from cereals, they don’t contain caffeine and also won’t stain your teeth, you can also mix it with milk or drink through a straw
  • Tea: Despite being a drink that has benefits to your health, it causes stained teeth, even more than coffee. No matter if you like black tea, black or green. All of them can cause you teeth stains.
  • Carbonated beverages: if you love soft drinks like sodas, think that every time you drink them, you are not only helping to make your teeth lose their color and staining, but also getting cavities and in addition they will make you fat.
  • Wine: as I told you, You’ll always get stains on your teeth because it is an acidic beverage with many molecules of pigment, white wine can also cause teeth stains.

Now you know, this beverages can stain your teeths but try to be moderate and make sure you brush them properly everyday.