Many take this week to go on vacation and that means … taking the Sun. Like it or not exposing skin to sun rays always come to you. Even if you stay in the city, you run the risk. I give you a guide of what to do for the sun to your skin rough treatment.

If you go to the mountain:
This is the destiny that has more risk of burns, especially if you’re going to snow. According to the World Health Organization, the snow reflects 80% of ultraviolet rays, a figure much higher than other surfaces such as grass, asphalt, sand or water, where ultraviolet rays are reflected only 25%. At higher altitudes the ultraviolet radiation is more intense because the distance to the sun is lower. In addition, during the spring and clear sky conditions,snow reflection may increase the radiation values ​​to the levels of summer. Thus, snow willbe employed provided the highest protection factor, regardless of skin phototype have,and applying at least every two hours.

If you go to the beach:
Keep in mind the type of beach that you are going to go, since it is not the same to take the sun in the Mediterranean than in the Caribbean. Doctor Ordás explains that there are many people who come to see him with burns caused in exotic places and say they’ve used sunscreen. The problem is that the sun does not fall in the same way in all corners of the earth, and solar radiation, dependent on the sun’s elevation varies with latitude, season and time, being higher in the tropics, in summer and at noon. Moreover, in these places, which usually have clear water and white sand, the sun is more dangerous because it is reflected,multiplying its impact.

If you go to any city:

Walking through the streets or have a snack on the terrace without sunscreen carries the same risks of scalding that if we did at the beach. You must use a sunscreen at least on the face, the most exposed and most accused photoaging. Should be monitoredespecially areas with the most commonly attacks the skin cancer: the nose, lips, eyes,hair line and the edge of the ears and do not forget to also protect the back of his hand.(Source Hola)