If for you, going to the gym is completely boring, today I want to show 4 exercises that will motivate you, generating optimal, both physically and emotionally, results.

Get out of that boring treadmill and machines and dare to something different!

The first thing to do is to plan and organize your routine body parts as you go to work. This is necessary because you will optimize the exercise and you will achieve much more effective results. Having fun differently!

Weight machines often are boring, I like to alternate hard training with spinning classes, yoga, pilates, fit combat, and even cross fit.But my coach knows me and knows that we must innovate to not get bored. And yet I achieve my goal to tone my body, de-stress and release pent-up energy.

4 Exercises you should do at the gym

  1. Try TRX: This exercise is ideal for weights or dumbbell replacement because you do exercises with your own body weight. The leagues will be a help in this discipline, and you can ask if they TRX specialized classes in your gym. It’s great!  (Click to learn more about TRX)
  2. Do exercises with the medicine ball: Does your back hurt when you lie down to do weights or abs? Lie down on the ball as you work your muscles. Strengthen your middle and lower back, your belly, your legs, and your side. The results and your balance will be incredible!
  3. Sandbags: If you have a large open space, try loading sandbags. In addition, you can use them to do squats to strengthen your arms and your back. (Click for more exercises with sandbags)
  4. Ropes: Do you like jumping rope? You can lose hundreds of calories because it is a cardiovascular exercise and toning versatile. You can not just jump, but also do strength exercises with them. You tone up your arms, legs, and abdomen. It’s great!