In an era where families are not so traditional, the new Netflix series One day at a Time portrays one family that is a human being story.  The Alvarez family is close-knit, Cuban, and a little chaotic.

Starring Justina Machado (perhaps best known for “Six Feet Under”) as the daughter of Cuban immigrants, and an Iraq veteran. Separated from her husband, Machado’s Penelope is raising two kids, with help from her mom (Rita Moreno), who gets me all the time.

Like the Alvarez , I was raised in an exceptional family.

Now after 20 years apart,  we are all living in the same house in Miami.

What happens when we move out of our country?

This amazing and fun series with amazing actors and an incredible story will resonate with you , even if you are not a hispanic family.

One episode tackles equal pay when Penelope (the main character)  finds out a less qualified male co-worker makes the same amount of money as she does.

Wow!  What shocked me the most is that One Day at a Time may have already delivered the best LGBT story of 2017 when Penelope’s daughter a 15-year-old girl comes out on a television series!

We all have different stories. Maybe you are from Latin America and married an American and are raising bilingual children. Maybe you are a second generation latina, living between two worlds, or maybe you are an American who loves to spend the weekend with your neighbors , whichever the case may be, you are going to love it .

I laughed so hard watching some episodes because my mom and dad are trying to adapt and understand the bilingual and bicultural life they were almost forced to live when all their children decided to live and raise their grandchildren in the United States.  

¡Te invito a verla! You will laugh and cry and feel so connected to the story that you will binge watch it as I did.

Let’s celebrate love and #JointheFamilia

Netflix’s “One Day at a Time,” is currently streaming.